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Another spring has come to Highland House. This is my seventh year experiencing the beautiful grounds around this special place. Technically, this is an apartment building;but I don’t know another building in the city like this. When I first arrived,June of 2012, I was so surprised that my apartment would be painted the way I wanted it. Then how helpful the staff was as I struggled to move in. They hung my curtains, got rid of my boxes and put up chicken wire on the porch so my cat couldn’t escape. I was taken with how friendly everyone was. I met more people that first week than in eight years while living in my condo. 

I started on the second floor, but soon realized getting into the tub was posing a challenge for me. In February I asked Joe if I could move to a first floor apartment that  had been become available that just had a shower. Joe immediately said yes and I was moved down stairs. It’s important to note that the guys here at Highland House moved me. This time I got to pick the bathroom and kitchen flooring, got a brand new bathroom, and again picked paint colors.  

Although I still had to put up chicken wire for Cuddles, the cat , Now I had a place to plant flowers. I love my home, this is due in a large part because of how I am treated here at Highland House. Most people are happy when they move to a new place, but few are happier after seven years. Thank You Joe, Jerry and the whole Highland House staff. 

Jere B

I would like to express some thoughts regarding my home for the past 7 years the Highland House in Worcester. My apartment is lovely and quickly tended to by a staff member is the need arises. The grounds are beautifully maintained and admired by all who come to visit.

In the winter months, the immediate area is quickly cleared and needless to say, our covered parking space is so appreciated. Also let’s not forget the awesome location of Suburban Rd which provides easy access to most locations in the immediate Worcester area and surrounding communities, along with quiet spaces for walking.

I have nothing but praise for the staff and management who work together to make Highland House a great place to live.


It would be a Simple request one day a few weeks ago when walked into the Office 01 Joseph Lariviere the owner and landlord of the Highland House Apartments in Worcester, Massachusetts. He greeted me as he does all Of his tenants With a genuine smile and a hearty “hello”.

“What can I do for you on this beautiful day?”

Even if it was raining or snowing, it was always a beautiful day to him.

That’s Joe. That’s his whole staff: a “what can I do for you today” staff, or  “what do you need” staff.

“How do you feel about painting my door?’ I asked. All the doors were painted black. He knew that I was an artist, and asked with a grin in his voice, “What color do you suggest? Was that his sense of humor, or was he just patronizing me? That’s how I interpreted it at that time. After all, at your first interview with him, he offered, “Whatever you need, you only have to ask.” Who would believe such a generous offer?

So, I answered him. “Just pick up one of the colors of the three toned neutrals on the newly painted walls. Needless to say, he didn’t commit on that day, but the following Monday, my door was painted a rich deep cream. I was delighted, and learned soon after that every black door would be painted a rich deep cream.

That’s Joe, and the shared philosophy of the Highland House staff.

I have only been here for a year and a half but for me, the house has become a haven: a building filled with good people from all walks of life. The house is our Statue of Liberty. Welcoming and safe,


I cannot thank you enough for making my house a home these last couple of years. I never had such a thoughtful landlord. You were more than a landlord, and that means a lot to a young woman who knew absolutely no one or nothing about New England.


Apartment Home; I am very happy living here at Highland House. Management and staff are very attentive and fix any problem I have as soon as possible. The grounds are gorgeous, resplendent with beautiful trees, flowers and a few deer or two! We now have a brand new fountain, too.


Just a quick note to thank you and the staff for helping me to move and how quickly you responded to attend to my needs. Most of all giving me the feeling that I was really “home”. You’ve shown that “trust” and “committment” are just not words but a way of life in this community. Thank you,


I would like it to be known that the owner, Joseph Lariviere, and his staff at Highland House have been wonderful to me during my 4 year tenancy. Highland House is a residence of distinction that strives to welcome an exceptionally diverse clientele of the highest caliber. It has been my pleasure to call Highland House at 5 Suburban Road, Worcester my “HOME” for the past 4 years.

Barbara R

A well kept secret to the outside world, BUT, once you enter the lobby, you are HOME. That is the feeling that came over me. Previously, my thoughts were: Will my furniture fit? Will I miss my other home? Will I get use to apartment living? Will everyone be friendly? Will my kitty Kat adjust? Well ….. my furniture fits,  apartment living is fun, my kitty-kat loves it, especially looking out at the birds, and FRIENDLY, what can i say? Thank you, Joseph for being who you are and Gerry and the whole crew

Anna A

Highland House is the best apartment building in Worcester.  My large balcony provides a gorgeous, panoramic view of manicured green grass, a variety of pruned trees, a beautiful water fountain, & a gazebo.  In addition to the beautiful landscaping, apartment living at Highland House is exceptional.  Upon moving in, I had a choice of paint colors for the walls to blend with my lamps & furniture.  There is no need for carpeting, nor vacuuming, because the parquet floors are irresistible

In One Word: Fabulous

My name is Jere B. I have been a resident here for five years. From the day I moved in the staff has been extremely helpful and attentive to any need I might have. The other resident are very friendly. There is a sense of community in this building.

There are many activities happening during any given month. Bingo, dinners, exercise, movies, or just sitting in the gazebo talking and laughing. You can be as active here as you like.

The grounds are always in pristine condition. As I have a first floor, I can do a little gardening outside if I want. Whether you are in the front of the building or the back , the outdoors are ready for you to enjoy. Once you come to Highland House, you won’t want to move anywhere else.

Jere B

When I sold my house I did a lot of looking around in the area for the right place for me.  I did find that place at the Highland House.  It truly feels like home to me and the property is very well maintained. Security measures are very well thought out and put into place in the building and on the grounds, with a secure covered parking garage.  An inside mail room is off the front lobby, as well as an Activity Room which offers a friendly atmosphere and socialization if one desires to take part.  I have a very high regard for both Management and Maintenance people who are always warm and accommodating. Yes, I am very happy living in this unique establishment.

Annette A

The best thing I ever did was to move to the Highland House almost three years ago! My life is so much easier thanks to Joseph Lariviere who will do whatever he can to make his tenants feel “at home”. His staff who are on-site every day help us with our day-to-day problems in a more than timely manner and are polite and thoughtful beyond words. We have a beautiful, well-utilized community room which really does bring us all together and certainly fosters the sense of “community” we all feel. I love my expansive terrace as do all my visitors and the welcoming outdoor space with our picturesque gazebo.

I feel safe here with our excellent security system and best of all, in the winter, I never have to shovel! The covered parking is the frosting on the cake. And finally, the residents are warm and friendly, making all newcomers feel welcome.


Prior to moving to Highland House Apartments, I was living alone in my own home. Finding it difficult to manage the home, repairs, yard work, and the isolation during the winter months, I decided it was time make a change. Having heard positive comment from others about the Highland House Apartments, I arranged for a tour of the facilities and spoke with the management about moving. I knew immediately this was the right place for me.

My apartment is modern, with up-to-date appliances, cabinets, and recessed lighting. If I need any assistance I can request help from any of the friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable staff. There are many wonderful features offered tot eh residents at Highland House Apartments, from covered garage parking, beautiful landscaped grounds, friendly community living to on-going activities held in the new resident lounge. Best of all, at the Highland House Apartments pets are welcome. My dog, Sam, continues to live with me. How lucky is that! I made a great choice moving the Highland House Apartments.

JM & Sammy

A quick swifter dusting is all that is needed.  I feel safe at all times, there are video surveillance cameras at all entrances, & a call system is in place for guests. Assigned parking in the locked & covered garage means security, & no shoveling snow.  There is a convenient mailbox in the lobby, & a slot for outgoing mail.  Toss the trash down the chute, & laundry is a piece of cake.  The management staff is second to none, they are consistently responsive to the needs of the residents.  The maintenance staff does a superb job keeping the grounds & the apartments in perfect condition.  The in-house Courtesy Officer is always available evenings & weekends.  Everything is run efficiently.

My neighbors are lovely people, & there are functions several times a month in the Community Room, which provide an opportunity to meet neighbors, make friends, & enjoy socialization.  The feeling of community & family is incredible.  I enjoy the peace & serenity here, yet this hidden jewel is in the heart of Worcester, & is close to all amenities.  I recently relocated here from Cape Cod, & I have told my friends that I am living at ‘5 Easy Street’ !   How fortunate I am to be living in this jewel in the heart of Worcester!

Diane Z

Last year we sold our home that we had lived in for 47 years because it was getting very difficult for us to manage. After visiting Highland House and checking out their apartments, we made the decision to move and sell our home. This was not an easy decision to come to because we had owned our own home for so long. Thankfully it was truly the best move we could have made. The apartment was completely re-done and we were able to pick out colors, counter tops and cabinets that were to our liking almost like a new home. Not having to worry about the lawn and grounds, or the snow was a wonderful feeling and having a covered parking space was an added pleasure. We settled into the apartment in a very short time and feel very much at home. I had a lovely little “garden” on the balcony this summer with many pots of flowers and even two tomato plants! It was delightful to sit out there on warm and sunny summer days.

The staff is so helpful and friendly any needs are quickly dealt with and I have not had a single complaint. Highland House has become home to us and I am so thankful to have moved here.

L&G K.

It is a pleasure and a privilege to write a testimonal for Highland House. It is a pleasure because I am happy for the opportunity to publicly express my praise and gratittued to Joseph, Gerry, Jeff and the entire staff. Their respectful and caring manner truly makes the Highland House a “home” to all the residents. They provide the best maintained “home” in the city and it is surrounded by acres of a beautifully maintained property.

It is a privilege I feel so blessed to be able to live in this amazing home. After my husband passed and I needed to sell my home, my search for a new beginning brought me here. I could not be happier! I love my apartment, I love the amazing and caring residents who share this home, I feel safe here – even have covered parking!

Joseph and his staff are always looking to improve things for the residents. When they see a need it is promptly addressed. One example is handicapped access doors – a real help for physically impaired residents. They continually try to beautify the place – an amazing new fountain is one example. They even have a “resident appreciation” gatherings! It should really be Joseph and his staff that receive the gratitude. So I am truly blessed. this is the best place I could be. Anyone fortunated enough to move in will feel the same!

Thank You


My own story is that I came to live in Highland House during THE most difficult time of my life. My house burned down to the ground in a fire. I was left homeless within an half an hour as I watched my house turn to embers along with ALL my worldly possessions. This was the most emotionally difficult time I had ever been through. Joseph Lariviere was generous and considerate to me right from our very first meeting. He went out of his way to help me settle quickly and take care of my needs during this traumatic time of my life. He helped me start the process of building my life again. I was comfortable and settled in my furnished apartment right away. He has become a friend of mine for a lifetime.

Furthermore, he lent me some of his furniture to use in a new house I bought so I could make a new start while I bought my own things to remake a new home. This is such a generous gesture on his part, one that I appreciate a great deal.

Highland House is a lovely place to live in and be looked after by excellent service providers. I would recommend it highly to anyone who would like to live there, that is, if they can secure an apartment in the first place. highland House apartments are much in demand and get taken up rapidly.

My own stay there, as I have stated above, was a really positive one, and one that allowed me to recover from an extreme experience in pleasant surroundings with lovely considerate people. What more can I say…… Highland House is simply the best

Professor Parminder Bhachu

I want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the many safety featurs that you have implemented here at the Highland House.

I could thank you for the many attributes of living at the House: but I have chosen to address the safety features.
Most recently you hired a worker who removed a section from the side of my bathtub. Then this provided me with a walk in and out shower tub. It is such a great safety feature and has removed my fear of falling. I just love it.

In addition, I want to mention and thank you for the automatic door openers to an from the garage into the building. What a treat this is when caring in groceries or other packages after shopping.

Furthermore, the locked front entrance tot he building is a major safety feature. One must call into our apartments for allowed entry. They may also be viewed on our televisions.

Last but not least, our beautiful landscaping and garage are well illuminated from dusk to dawn. Surveillance cameras are placed in appropriate locations. We rarely think of these and other safety features. We take most of them for granted. However, they make daily living at the Highland House a pleasure.

Thanks to Joseph, Gerry, Jon and the staff for ensuring a wonderful worry free home.


From the moment my husband and I turned onto Suburban Rd to the magnificent and perfectly manicured grounds of the Highland House, we just knew this place was special.

We were greeted with such warmth by Joseph Lariviere it felt as if we’d known him for years! He didn’t bat an eyelash when we explained our needs:an odd move-in date, furnished, etc.

His mantra is “This is YOUR home” (Wow, have you ever heard a landlord utter those words?)

The staff is incredible and you are always greeted with a smile. When your arms are full they are always quick to assist and the residents always have something fun planned.

Our five year relationship with the Highland House has been outstanding. We feel completely safe, secure and most importantly, appreciated. This little haven just may be one of Worcester County’s best kept secret!

N&T Shaw

While still living in Atlanta, GA, I found the Highland House on the internet, I had decided that Worcester was in the middle of my work business market.  A realtor showed me the Highland House and several other apartment homes. None held a candle in caparison to the Highland House, the first place I saw.  So I signed my lease that day and began my move from Atlanta to Worcester. I lived at the Highland House for four years and was proud to call it home. I always felt good leaving on business trips knowing that the building was well managed. The neighbors quickly became friends as did the staff. I was always happy to show off my apartment to friends, many of whom said “this building is a jewel.” I never asked for anything that was not accommodated quickly.

The staff always exceeded my expectations. Even locking myself out of the car in a snow storm at the grocery store was not a problem. I called Joe, the manager who quickly sent a staff member to pick me up so I could retrieve my extra set of keys. From there I was back on the road that was better service than AAA.
I hated the fact that my job moved to a different part of New England and I had to leave the Highland House. I would happily move back there in a day if it were possible.

I highly recommend the Highland House in Worcester to anyone looking for a new home. I comment Joseph, Gerry and the entire staff who were an important part of my life for four great years at the Highland House

Diane S

My Stay At Highland House; I have only got over-the-top good things to say about my stay at Highland House. It is a wonderful place to live in, true to the reputation of the place, that of its owner and general manager Joseph Lariviere himself and also his very efficient staff. All of them are wonderful people who help run Highland House will efficiency, consideration and enormous grace. Tasks and repairs that need to be done are tended to within the day. Mulch else that tenants need done is sorted out fast and well.

All this makes for a very pleasant and caring atmosphere, one that nurtures people who choose to live there, making them happy citizens of the place. The residents I met during my stay had only good things to say about living in Highland House and its staff.


We think that Highland House is a great place to live. There are all sorts of reasons why:

  1. The staff is friendly, accommodating and, whenever there’s a problem, very responsive.
  2. The parking garage, which is a godsend whenever the weather is inclement.
  3. The building is unusually well maintained.
  4. There are no steps entering or leaving the building.
  5. There are two elevators, so the wait time is minimal.
  6. The grounds are spacious, lovely, and very well maintained. There is also a large gazebo in which a number of residents can usually be found on warm, sunny days.
  7. There is a ton of closet space, the two bedroom apartments have two full bathrooms, and the living/dining area is quite large.
  8. There is a well used community room equipped with a kitchen and large screen TV.
  9. The residents are warm, friendly, and there with a helping hand whenever it’s needed.

For all these reasons and more, Highland House is a great place to live.

Neil K. and Renee G.

As the 18 month mark of our moving to the Highland House approaches, it has become very clear to us that we made the right choice.

We watched this building being built almost 52 years ago, never dreaming at that time that we would ever be living here.

As it became apparent that staying in our home  was not going to be an option, we began looking.  We looked at, both on line and  in person, 10 apartments, but we saved the best till last.

I was a bit reluctant at first to think about living where I could constantly see my former home but we came, met you, looked at an apartment, and knew immediately, this is where we wanted to be.

When  we began to move and in the year that followed, when we were trying to sell the house, I cannot say enough about how helpful you and your magnificent staff were.  It seems we encountered one disaster after another at our vacant home during that first year.  Every time some trouble arose you and your staff were right there to offer whatever help they could.  We cannot thank you enough.

Thankfully things have settled down now and we can sit back and enjoy our new home.  And enjoy it we do. We had two musts  for any apartment we would move to and the Highland House met them in a big way. We wanted covered secure parking and somewhere we could step outside and enjoy the surroundings.

Your garage and our beautiful balcony surpass all our expectations.  I tell anyone who will listen how much we enjoy
living here.

Eighteen months have flown by and we look forward to years ahead of very comfortable living at the Highland House.

Thank you Joseph,

Ed & Gerry

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